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Our design carefully considers all elements of orientation, terrain, ease-of-use, energy requirements and construction materials to ensure optimized living in any cottage or country environment



Complete Home Foundation features helical piers, a grid of structural steel piles driven into the ground with a structural steel I-beam frame welded on top.

  • Can be installed in almost all soil types or on rock
  • Ensures a very rigid construction frame
  • Perfect for building on low-lying, wet areas found on lake or riverfront properties
  • Eliminates issues with leaky, mouldy basements or crawl spaces


Complete Home Structure is based on a sturdy post and beam design.  Innovative Parallam® PSL posts are attached right onto the structural steel I-beam foundation.

  • Horizontal beams with steel connectors are engineered for maximum strength
  • Posts and beams are left exposed in the interior for maximum design effect


Complete Home Roof is a flat, monopitch design angled at 10 degrees from back to front.

  • Creates a feeling of great height and space from interior and exterior
  • Large overhangs control direct sun ingress at the front and covers entrance stairs/ramp at the back
  • Sunlight is shaded in the summer, but permeates the entire house during the winter
  • Overhangs eliminate the need for labour intensive roof gutters


Complete Home Windows are triple-glazed, fibreglass framed units for maximum efficiency.

  • Triple glazing is argon filled and coated to maximize energy efficiency
  • Fibreglass frame offers a combination of great strength and excellent insulation
  • Features the lowest coefficient of expansion/contraction of any frame material on the market today


Complete Home Heating uses radiant floor heat throughout the entire house.

  • Quiet, comfortable and energy-efficient
  • No more drying and dust stirring effects of forced air systems
  • Electric radiant floor heat delivers nearly 100% efficiency
  • No water leakage typically associated with hydronic radiant floor heat or traditional radiators.
  • No valves, boilers, filters, motors or pumps associated with traditional heating systems
  • Ceramic or porcelain tile is favoured for excellent heat transfer and is also stress-free and easy to maintain
  • Other floor materials are available

Primary Insulation

Complete Home Primary Insulation is spray in place, polyurethane foam such as BASF WALLTITE® Eco.

  • Has the highest R value per inch of any insulation
  • Air tight when installed
  • No additional vapour barrier is needed in most jurisdictions
  • Contaminant and odour-free

Fresh Air Ventilation

Complete Home Fresh Air Ventilation is provided by a dedicated, high efficiency Heat Recovery Ventilator (HRV) throughout the house.

  • Constant flow of air is fed to all living spaces
  • Bathrooms and kitchen are efficiently exhausted
  • Energy is conserved with seasonal pre-heating and pre-cooling heat exchanger for incoming air

Hanging Fireplace

Complete Home Hanging Fireplace by FireOrb is a standard feature.  This unique and beautiful unit augments the standard radiant floor heating system and is a stunning centrepiece in the Great Room.

  • Can be viewed from the kitchen, dining or seating areas
  • Can be turned so that the fireplace opening can face in any direction, even to the outside deck!
  • Both clean ethanol burning and traditional wood burning versions are available

Outside Deck

A large Outside Deck extends at floor level off the Great Room.  Interiors and exteriors seamlessly blend in combination with the 4m/13’ high windows.

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Complete Home + Design Inc. is a full service house building firm.  Our low maintenance and energy efficient models can be built almost anywhere and finishes can be customized to suit your personal requirements.  For your cottage or country home – consider our smarter way to build. Beauty and intelligence in one package!

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